roman blind

Roman Blinds

Roman shades create a smooth, streamlined silhouette and allow only the desired amount of light into a room. They stack up evenly when being opened. They can be opened with a cord mechanism allowing the user to decide the height of opening required. They come in a variety of styles and Zynna can create them for them customized for your windows. Not only are they classic and contemporary, but they don’t require a lot of special hardware, making them easy to handle.

  • Basic Roman Blind

Basic Roman: Create Basic roman blinds at Zynna and dress your windows with beautiful pleats. Whether you prefer traditional Indian patterns for the kitchen or floral designs for the lounge, you will find a variety of  selection of fabrics for the blinds at Zynna.

  • Cascade Roman Blind

Cascade Roman: The cascade roman shade retains its soft, overlapping folds, or loops, when fully extended. This creates a flowing, cascade look, closer to the look of drapery. Gives your windows a full, folded look even when the shade is fully lowered. When you raise the blind, folds stay neat and even . It crowns the window like a valance when the shade is fully raised.

Balloon Blind: A Balloon blind is an eye-catching window treatment that can be stationary or functional. The stationery kind covers the top third of a window in generous folds of fabric

  • Inverted Piped

Inverted Piped: Doweled pockets on the back of the shade hold support pipes and form decorative seams on the front of the shade. Inverted Piped blinds work best with solid or textured fabrics.

  • Relaxed Roman

Relaxed Roman: The Relaxed Roman blind when raised, has a relaxed, soft draped smile shape. When lowered it lies flat with a straight bottom edge

  • Piped Roman Blind

Piped Roman: A unique & Contemporary style of blind that has the pipes protruding which gives the blind a definition & detailing as compared to basic roman blind.

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