A New Range Of Curtains Collection In Zynna For Different Curtain Styles

curtain stylesToday there are different Curtain Styles that you may pick up, depending on the theme of your interior. There’s a wide range of curtains and drapes available for you to pick up and match with the suitable curtain rods. The type of curtain that one chooses depends on the following factors:

  • Room size and ceiling height: For rooms with high ceilings and large windows curtains with lamb re quins work the best.
  • The number of doors and windows you have at the room: If you have lesser number of windows, bright colors and intricate designs work well whereas for rooms with more number of windows you can mix and match different styles for different windows.
  • The color shade of the walls: It is better to choose colors of curtains in contrast with the colors of wall. If you have deeper shades in the walls, the curtains must be of a lighter shade of a similar or matching color. On the other hand, for walls with lighter shades, the curtains must be of a contrasting bright tone.
  • The type of finishing the wall has i.e. painted or wallpaper, glossy or Matt finish: The fabric of the curtain should be chosen accordingly.
  • The concept used for decorating the room: The way you select the furniture and arrange things in the room is also important for selecting curtains.

Zynna has a rich Curtains Collection so that the buyers have no difficulty in choosing curtains for their home. No matter what kind of curtains you prefer- you will surely get it at Zynna.


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