The success of any business depends on its distribution network. That is why at Zynna we have established a nationwide network that is efficient and well connected. We believe that we can only grow if we strengthen and develop this network. Our community of designers, architects and retailers is close knit and inter-dependent.

How can you take advantage of our network?

If you are interested in partnering with us, make an appointment to visit our showroom. You can access our vast stock of soft home furnishings here. We house over 10,000 articles that include fabrics, blinds, wallpapers and  lights. Zynna houses some of the most iconic furnishing and interior brands. We are the sole Indian partner of some of the most well-known American and European brands.

Our network gives us a unique advantage in getting material from the original source. This enables us to offer luxurious, world-class and top of the line products at discounted prices that we can then pass on to our dealers. In other words, we offer some of the world’s best products at reasonable prices at your doorstep!

Other benefits we offer are:

  • Get deliveries on your doorstep.
  • Get shipments with 10 days.
  • Stocks in room lengths and room lots. This ensures you will never fall short.

We have a long experience and expertise in this field and we offer our knowledge and competence to our partners. You can enjoy the benefits and glamour of a front office, while we take care of back end operations.

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We are here to help you!