Hotels & Institutions

Over the 40 years of being in business, we have formed partnership with many clients. From homes to offices – our clients come in all shapes and sizes!

Some of these clients are various hotels and institutions. Typically these are buildings that need curtains in bulk. Not only that, they usually have very specific demands. Hotels and institutions are very particular about the quality of the curtains stitching.

Some specific features for our hotel curtains are:

  • Luxury fabrics in various colors, textures and brands
  • Top-notch stitching services
  • Curtains with linings for better privacy, longer life and aesthetics.
  • Availability of different styles in keeping with the decor style of the room.
  • Availability of other accessories like tiebacks, curtain rods, valences etc.
  • Access to world class fabrics and renowned international brands
  • Ability to source luxury materials from Europe at reasonable prices
  • Ability to handle bulk orders.

Our quality control mechanisms are in tune with the most quality conscious institution. We have been very particular about sourcing our merchandise. Only well-known manufacturers or those who offer luxury material of top quality are considered. Before we supply any material, we make sure that it passes our own checks.

Our fastidious standards have ensured that we have a steady stream of clients. Contact us if you need our expertise, access to quality material and services.

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