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One of the biggest trends in window treatment styles today is blinds. Window blinds are chic, space saving and easy to use. Zynna offers a range of blinds to suit any interior and decor style.

Although window blinds have been around for decades now, it is only recently that they have been elevated to a fashionable high. The reasons are the innovative styles and fabrics that are used today in making blinds. Decorators are increasingly opting for window blinds to create designer window treatments.

Window blinds are pretty flexible. They can be used to create classic look, country charm or contemporary window treatments. These can be hung on their own or combined with heavier drapes for layered effect. Blinds are also ideal for small spaces like bathrooms or offices. Blinds are most commonly used in:

  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Verandas
  • Balconies
  • Restaurants
  • Living areas like drawing room or bedroom

At  Zynna we stock a wide variety in blinds. The broader styles are:

  • Roman
  • Roller blinds
  • Outdoor blinds
  • Wooden blinds

For Roman, roller or outdoor blinds can choose from our wide array of fabrics. Clients can choose from linen, sheer, silk and other fabrics. We offer monochromatic shades, edgy prints, classic designs and more. We also offer wooden blinds. These are ideal for a more outdoorsy or cottage look. With the current trend on natural hues, our wooden blinds offer a fashionable look.

Explore our window Blinds for more attractive options. Think out of the box and you will get a truly exclusive look.


Shade’s crisp, clean style have made it popular . Rich in character, natural woven woods combine clean lines and textures with designer finishes. Tailored and sleek, Roman shades give you the look of workroom shades at a much lower cost. Roller shades are simple, effective and economical. They reduces temperatures behind the window while still allowing in enough light to see outside. These exquisite soft window shadings combine the soft look of shades with the functionality of blinds.

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