Contemporary & Straight Line

The contemporary style is characterised by clean, no-fuss lines. It is all about creating a tailored, structured look that is the antithesis of the more flouncy and elaborate vintage style. This line is extremely flexible, easily adaptable to almost any space. Whether big or small, formal or casual – this modern look can be tailored to suit any requirement.

Although a minimalist look, it is far from boring. The contemporary style lays emphasis on cutting-edge design and high quality material. When it comes to contemporary window treatments, you can play with a number of elements to create an unforgettable effect.

There are many factors which play essential role in creating a contemporary look.


It is important that the stitching is neat and tailored with clean, straight lines. This style may lack the drama of a vintage curtain, but it must never be untidy or messy. The common pleats used here are simple eyelets, tab tops, pencil pleats, French pleats, rod pockets and more


We have worked hard in amassing contemporary prints that pouch the envelope. Choose from geometric prints, floral designs, embossed patterns and more.


Do not forget the add ons that complete the look! We work with cornices boxes, tailored valences and innovative tie-backs.

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