Taking its inspiration from the Greek and Roman empires of the eighteenth century, the neo-classical look is lavish and elegant. The clean, graceful lines of this style falls somewhere between straight lines of the contemporary style and drama of the vintage style. It can be adapted to different spaces and offers more flexibility in fabric than the more vintage style.

The neo-classical style is ideal for
– Hotels
– Reception lobbies
– Marriage halls
– Homes with Greek-Roman style decor

Elements in a Neo-classical curtain


These curtain designs echo the beautiful fall and flounce with valences. These should be carefully tailored, such as in scalloped and Victorian valences.

Swags and Festoons

Like the classic design, the neo-classical look also relies heavily on swags and festoons. These hanging fabrics can be fringed or tasseled for an elaborate look. Festoons with trailing ribbons and fabrics are a classic Greco-Roman style. These fringed, braided festoons work perfectly as tiebacks.


We house wide choices in neo-classical fabrics. These are typically luxurious fabrics with a distinct sensual touch. You can choose from damasks, brocades, velvet and silk. You can also opt from our range of blended fabrics.

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