Stitching Solutions

With our aim to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, Zynna offers top notch stitching expertise. Our tailoring services have been incorporated to ensure that our customers can avail all services at one place.

We understand that supply of premier fabrics is not enough. To make sure that our clients have access to designer window treatments, the services of professional, trained stitching specialists is necessary. It ensures that our curtains pass our strict parameters of a neat, streamlined and finished look.

Every curtain that goes through our stitching team receives personalized, detailed attention. Apart from machine stitching, our team also provides hand hemming whenever necessary. Our stitching specialists are trained in the skills for finishing a piece, the tricks to ensure every nip and tuck is carried out.  We are confident of meeting any stitching order – from tricky linings to ruffled edges.

Still unsure of our service? Consider what we bring for you:

  • Highly skilled and trained tailors.
  • Backup team of apprentices. The team works in tandem to handle the hundreds of windows curtains orders we receive.
  • Experience in working with varied fabrics and other drapery hardware.
  • Understanding of various window treatment styles
  • Adept at incorporating various elements like fringes, tassels, blinds etc.
  • Customized services
  • Completely professional team.
  • Repeated checks to ensure quality control
  • Expertise in details like hand hemming and the ability to ensure a high quality finish
  • On time delivery.

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