The Classic Style

For those with a more traditional bend, the evergreen classical style works perfectly. Suitable for large spaces, big windows, old and refurbished homes, the period style can be worked to create drama and impact.

The classic style is ideal for those who like a luxurious, glamorous and opulent look. The vintage style is heavy on accessories and elaborate stitching patterns. This makes it perfect as window treatments for large windows.

The classic style has certain essential elements

The fall

The classic style is extremely particular about the stitching style. The pleats must be tailored, neat and if possible, elaborate. Our curtains can be stitched with French pleats, box pleats, pinch pleats or pencil pleats to ensure that the fall remains impeccable.


Vintage Window Curtains are almost always long. These can just stop short touching the floor or create a flounce at the bottom.


Period curtains should ideally be made of heavy material. We offer a wide choice in vintage materials like silk, velvet, chenille and other blended material. Some prints are also characteristic of this style.


The elaborate vintage style thrives on touches like flounces, fringes and tassels. These can also cleverly hide certain Stitching flaws like covering linings or ensuring a better fall.


We provide cornice boxes, valences, swags and jabots. Other accessories that can be essential for this look are tiebacks. Again, these can be fringed, tasselled and more.

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