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Be it your bedroom, bathroom or living room, curtains and blinds add a certain luxurious feel to your home and we at Zynna have the best of the best for you! Windows are the eyes to your home and the right kind of dressing can make or break your room scheme. They also dictate the kind of light you want streaming into your room (bright for the living room, minimal for your bedroom). However before you start off with your new curtains and blinds designs make sure you clean out your windows thoroughly. Start off fresh!

The right kind of design and fabric has the ability to transform every home for the better. So pull out your measuring tape and start showing your windows some love!

Zynna has some various designs in our wide range of fabrics to help you make the best choice for your home –

Roll Up Curtains – Very popular in homes with French or multiple windows, this curtain and blind design can be hung over every window individually. Adjust it to different heights to give your home a lovely look.

Multiple Printed Panels – Use multiple pieces of curtains with different fabrics like sheer, silk or cotton on one window frame for a vintage inspired decor. This will still let the light though but give every room a new look.

Sheer Curtains – A modern take on traditional lace curtains are excellent idea for your curtains and blinds design when you want to let ample light in without compromising on your privacy.

Double Pole Design – This clever idea for your curtains and blinds design is a great idea to use two types of fabric on top of each other. This allows you to pull either or both depending on the feel you want for your room!

Panel Blinds – Instead of a fabric with uniform pattern of colour, use different although corresponding patterns that will give your room a wonderful retro feel. Use a plain fabric on the top two thirds of your curtains and blinds design and a patterned panel on the bottom.

Blinds and Curtains – Why not both? Fix up your windows with curtains in solid colours and blinds in florals. With multiple options at your disposal, you can be as finicky as you want!

These are just some kinds of fun curtains and blinds design ideas to spruce up your home. Just remember to pre-plan your designs and order exactly what you want when you select your fabric. Complete your research beforehand when it comes to fixed objects like poles and hangers. Easy to execute, these ideas can be done put to use with minimal fuss and within your budget with the help of Zynna! Happy home to you!


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