Custom Window Drapes

Customization is the key for the perfect look. Off the rack window drapes just don’t have that special look that comes with custom drapes. Plus, the best place for custom drapes in Zynna.

Zynna has been in the business of creating beautiful homes since 1970. Not only does it have 40 plus years of experience but it also has partnerships with many American and European brands. Plus, Zynna excels at customized solutions which includes window drapes.

Custom drapes will make you realize about what your room has missing for so long. The amount of personalization will give you exactly what you want. So, how can Zynna help you in this? First and foremost, as mentioned before is personalization, which is the hallmark of customization. After all, anyone can get some elements of personalization while choosing readymade drapes. However, at Zynna you can choose exactly what you want – pattern, fabric, style and accessories.

Next comes the fit. Readymade drapes may not fit the windows properly. After all each window is unique and the readymade market can only cater to a few basic designs. This way there may be problems, such as the length may not be correct. The same case may be with the width. However, with custom drapes comes precise measurements and installation by experts. This way your drapes will fit your windows like a dream.

Now off the rack drapes don’t really have that long of a life. They are made with the aim that the customer should dispose them off after a few years and come buy new ones. But custom drapes last longer. This is because they are made of robust fabric and are personally sewn by an expert team of tailors. The customization goes as far as hand hemming. To ensure that you get the best finished product, repeated quality checks are also done. That is the level of personal detail in Zynna’s custom drapes. With such amazing stitching and proper installation, these customs drapes are very durable. This will look pretty and fresh for years to come.

The customization does not end at the finished drapes. Not at all. The next stage is proper accessories such as fringes and tassels. With custom drapes and matching accessories your home décor will be taken to a whole new level. Using these customized elements, the whole room gets a finished look.

Thus, with Zynna by your side, taking a wrong turn in the window drapes department is almost next to impossible.