Custom Window Treatments In Europe

window rods and curtainsNobody does fashion even for the windows, like the Europeans! The market for custom window treatments in Europe is a thriving one, majorly due to the individual living spaces and the need for a personal touch in newer home. Millennials on their starter homes look towards adding a piece of their personality into their furnishings. With the combination of retro and contemporary we have much to learn from the way they decorate their homes. With the help of your imagination and gorgeous designs from Zynaa, you will have your dream window treatments ready in no time!

Those on a restricted budget can work with colourful fabrics and hangers to create gorgeous window draping. This is easily done and all you need is a good eye for colour, that is the European way!

Here are some of the custom window treatments in Europe that have become hugely popular.

Cascade – This style of window treatments in pinched on the side so that it cascades and completely straight in the middle. All you have to do is pull them away from the sides and so that they ruffle.

Scalloped Ties – This is one of the most common custom window treatments in Europe. With the curtains pulled in like a tie in the middle, it gives of the impression of a tie. Soft Dip – Most commonly seen in event hall, this window treatment consists of soft waves of fabric pulled in and tied, leaving the rest to flow freely.

Single Tie – This type is seen regularly in homes with floor to ceiling windows, this consists of thick fabrics hung on pegs and tied with a single rope or ribbon in the centre. No Sew Drapes – For minimal fuss and a quirky look, you can hang your gorgeous curtains on a set of hangers that will then be hung on the curtain poles. This way you can mix and match and also remove a couple of hangers when you feel like letting the light stream in!

Storage – One of the benefits of this custom window design from Europe is leaving a slight shelf above every furnishing pole. This way you can store toys, design flowers as well as little knick knacks away from harm’s way.

The best way to customize these window treatments is to mix and match. The advantage to these designs is that you can change them whenever you want since they are temporary. So go ahead, take a look and log on to or make an appointment with our best consultants to get started!


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