Design Fraternity

Zynna, stands tall, and enjoys immense support given by the Interior Design & Architecture Fraternity.

We surpass expectations of quality, value engineered pricing and “On the dot deliveries” expected by leading professional teams.

We are the preferred choice when the design Fraternity chooses a supply team for ‘Furnishings‘ and ‘Window Treatments‘ for their Hospitality, Corporate, Institutional and Residential Clients.

We work hand-in–glove with experienced design houses and deliver as per vision and expectation.

Zynna is a perfect partner to ensure following processes for every order executed.

Suggest best suitable fabrics / window treatment for a space, based on design brief.

Create Mood boards for showcasing various fabric scheme.

Fabric enhancement with different techniques as per clients need.

Ensure proper fabrication and finishing of all items.

We are here to help you!