Drapery Fabric

There are several different types of drapery fabric available in the market. Moreover, these designs can be made from using any type of fabric but few are particularly more popular than others are. Each fabric having the capacity to fills different need by offering its own uses. What one chooses entirely depend on the needs and requirements, as some might want drapery fabric that can frame view from window or to cut out tight completely.

Among the different types of drapery fabric, there is usually something that not only fits the criteria but also bring in the missing feel by offering the room a complete new look. Considering what fabric to invest or how to add an extra pattern to an existing pair not only helps in pulling the right look but also helps in personalizing the room as per theme. Here are popular drapery fabric that is easily accessible in both the markets, but also gives room a fresh and rich feel:

Cotton: Probably the most common and most durable type of drapery fabric. Having the capacity to wash well without shrinking, it has the ability to pull out as ideal drapery fabric that can look good over the years. Readily available in different lengths and colours, makes them ideal for many different types of windows.

Silk: Termed as a luxury choice in fabric selection, silk is not termed as a perfect choice for every room. Ideal for aesthetic purpose only, silk is a bad choice if someone is looking to keep light out and or want to cover windows. One cannot forget the fact that it is a delicate fabric, which can easily become dirty and grubby. Being an expensive fabric, silk is out of range of many peoples too.

Wool: An expensive fabric used for drapery, it comes with many advantages like keeping warmth inside the room by insulating the area of windows. Apart from keeping light out, wool is particularly not susceptible to dirt, hence drapes does not need to be cleaned as often. Easy to shrink one has to follow washing instructions for better use of wool drapery.

Acrylic: Resistant to many thing like fading, wrinkling and dirt, acrylic fabric has its own advantages. A popular drapery fabric choice after cotton, acrylic fabric are cheap and are widely available with board range of colours and sizes.

Nylon: Mostly used as a drapery fabric for net curtains, the long lasting, synthetic fibres is easy to take care of. However, if not used carefully, it is prone to tearing. Since it is a light material, it often needs weight in the hems to hang properly as a drapery fabric.

Choosing the correct weight, texture, light-blocking or light-exposing qualities, not only help in bargaining the best fabric for the home, but also increases the aesthetics of each room.