Accessories & more..

Often it is the finishing touches that make a room, which is why we place a heavy emphasis on home accessories that are decorative as well as functional. Whether a carefully chosen cushion, a bold statement rug, these pieces give great scope and versatility to your decor, providing moveable building blocks of colour, texture and interest to revive existing schemes or provide key motifs in new ones.

You need to focus on filling your home with items that fit your needs while highlighting your personal aesthetic.

Mattresses : Choosing the best mattress for your individual needs is pivotal to achieving quality, restful sleep for your physical and mental well-being.

Wallpapers : The wallpaper you choose can make a room appear bigger, warmer, and brighter (or vice versa), and even hide imperfect elements.

Cushions and Throw Pillows : Adding cushions is one of the most simple and effective ways to instantly lift a room and introduce colour, pattern and luxury into a scheme without overwhelming. We have a huge range of cushions & covers that we continually add to, from plain velvet cushion covers to hand-embroidered cushions.

Bedcovers and Runners : At Zynna we create a varied variety of Bedcovers and runners which are well coordinated in the fabrics chosen for the drapes. The ensembles are available are ready to pick products or can be custom created to perfection.

Area Rugs : Your choice of rug or runner can be a useful starting point when decorating a room. A traditional rug can set the tone of a scheme, whilst a patterned design can provide the colour cues.

At Zynna we help you to choose the best for your home from the wide range of Mattresses, Wallpapers and other accessories.

We are here to help you!