Become a Franchise Partner

India is an emerging economy with more and more people turning towards entrepreneurship. There is a constant increase in demand for lifestyle products and curtains and home furnishings enjoy a surge in demand. While the demand increases, the opportunity to supply also increases but many times the entrepreneur lacks either the funds or the technical know how or even the logistical support.

Zynna is proud to launch its EBO (Exclusive Brand Outlet) program and offers a viable solution for both large and small cities. The EBO or Satellite programs is to create a satisfying opportunity for Budding and Existing Entrepreneurs, Interior Designers and Architects, . While you enjoy the profits and the front office Glamour, Zynna takes care of the back end stocks, Productions and details that are needed to make a satellite program successful. With the lowest of returns, our EBO’s enjoy maximum profits and recognition.

Its often seen that good quality luxury furnishings and drapery stitching solutions are not readily available in all cities across India. Zynna, a specialist in custom stitched drapery and furnishing fabrics, has a vision to extend its services and exclusive products to many metros and ‘B’ Structured cities. Zynna is launching the pan India EBO program, and is committed to offer finest furnishing fabrics and curtain styles with seamless product deliveries, international quality and happy interactions.

Advantages to our EBO / Satellites

  • Very little investmen
  • Pre-designed Manuals, for space layout.
  • Stationary and Flowchart manuals and planned training.
  • Minimum space requirement.
  • Zero investment in stocks.
  • Zero investments in Stitching factories
  • Instant calculations available with 24 x 7 online support
  • More than 3000 Fabric collections ranging from lowest price to
  • mid priced selections, available for the client to purchase instantly.

Who can enjoy being a Zynna EBO / Satellite

  • Architect or Interior designer.
  • Home makers, housewifes, Individuals passionate for creating a reputed and successful business venture.
  • Existing shop owners, having allied items like flooring, wall papers, mattresses etc

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