Hotels & Projects

We have been working with the top Hotels In India & abroad for many years & have completed many successful projects.

  • Our showroom showcases more than 30,000 fabrics for uses in Heavy and Sheer curtains, Blinds, Upholstery and other accessories like bedcovers, cushion covers,  runners and more.  HIGH MARTENDALE FABRICS form a large part of our collection.
  • We are the preferred choice when the Design Fraternity chooses a supply team for ‘Furnishings’ and ‘Window Treatments’ for their clients in the Hospitality industry, Corporate, Institutional and Residential Clients.
  • We assist designers to create the Mock up rooms as per the room boards and also provide  TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS FOR DIFFICULT AREAS.
  • We also provide assistance with the room boards.
  • We work hand-in–glove with experienced design houses and deliver as per their vision and expectation.
  • We do not pressurize you to buy fabrics form us. If you’d rather pick a fabric from another vendor, you can still have the drapes done with the Zynna mark of excellence.
  • We facilitate/provide the same state of art stitching facility with perfect finishing, as it should be, for any fabric that you may have procured / selected from other vendors.
  • Our state of art in-house stitching facilities are managed by the best of craftsmen and workers painstakingly handpicked to complete jobs with detailing and perfection. click here to know more at
  • Our finishes match the world class finishing of the curtains, blinds & accessories meet the high specifications required in this industry.
  • We also provide SCOTCH GUARD TREATMENTS to your soft furnishings and FIRE RETARDANT FABRICS.

Zynna’s innovative designs are regularly selected  for projects in India & abroad.


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