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Decorative Curtains And Decorative Curtain RodsOur living spaces play a significant role in making us feel good; a home or an office with beautiful interiors helps us to stay in lively spirits. Decorative Curtains And Decorative Curtain Rods help to enhance the decor of a dull and empty space.

We offer curtains and curtain rods in beautiful designs that suit every budget. Since every home has a theme and color, stores need to be stacked with a huge collection of curtains in various colors and designs. Whether you have a rustic decor or a contemporary style we give you the best options that blend in with the rest of the interior.


At our store you can choose from an array of colors, designs and various fabrics for your curtains. Our luxury curtains are available in Contemporary & Straight Line, The Classics, Neo-Classical and Country Chic Styles. These are made from the finest fabrics and our tailors stitch them to the perfect measurements.

Our decorative curtains are offered in International and Indian fabrics such as sensuous silk, chic lace and sturdy line. These fabrics come in stunning prints and patterns such as self-embossed patterns and geometric prints and other classic designs.


Curtains look elegant when they are hung from stylish curtain rods. We offer curtain rods in materials such as wood and metals. Metal rods suit contemporary themes whereas the wooden rods are excellent choice for a more traditional theme or if you have wooden flooring. You can choose from an array of finials and diameters to suit your curtain styles.


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Zynna is the largest luxury curtain creator of India, offering exquisite décor solutions for homes, hotels, office spaces, schools, and hospitals since 1970.


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