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Zynna is a one stop distinction for all luxury home furnishings. With a wide range of products and services, Zynna offers comprehensive soft furnishing solutions for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and other institutions.

In addition, we have access to some of the world’s best known and premier brands. We offer our clients access to the best in the field from America and Europe. Starting from designer curtains, window treatments, drapery hardware and wallpaper to other co-ordinators– Zynna has a wide range to choose from.

Our services include exclusive stitching expertise for those who want the master touch. Our tailors and others craftspeople are skilled in adapting various styles and working with a wide range of materials. In short, we can supply the material, accessories and see to the final execution.

In addition, we also offer premium European furnishings for those who want the best in the world. These luxurious products are the hallmark of style and sophistication.

Our Products & Services

We are proud of our finished products that speak of a master’s touch – starting from the design to the final result. Visit our showroom today to explore our products and services in person.

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