Rod Pocket Draperies

Rod pocket drapes add beauty and attractiveness to any room. Zynna offers rod pocket draperies in many different styles which are simple and clean that suits for stationary panels and not intended to traverse.


Drapes are an essential part of home furnishing which block sunlight and giving the room a softer touch. They protect the decorative items from diminishing and maintain their durability. Also they create privacy of your premises. Drapes are available in Zynna in a wide range of fabrics and types. Rod pocket drapes are made from quality fabric and are perfect when you are looking for stationary curtains that add style to the space and it offers all the customizable options. Select rod pocket draperies from Zynna for a classic style and to find perfect drapes for your home.

Types  of Drapery Headers

Drapery headers are more functional and meant for frequent opening and closing. Some of them are more decorative and attractive. And some gives casual look. Rods are essential and important accessory to hang drapes. They look decorative in all types of draperies because of its visibility. Finials fitted at the end of the rod give them a complete and perfect look. Rings are attached for the easy movement of the drapes. Zynna offers rods and rings in various types based on the requirement. Here are some of the drapery headers to choose for your home.

  • Ring Top: The rings are inserted into curtain rods and attached to drapes top. They are stylish because both rings and rods are visible in this type of drapes.
  • Rod pocket: Zynna offers rod pocket in various colours and patterns. Here, rings are not required. They are best for light weight fabric.
  • Tab top: There is no need of rings where loops stitched at regular interval on the top edge of drapes and the rod goes through it.
  • Grommets top: Here, metal holes are present at the top of curtain which give drapes a stylish pleated look.
  • Pleated style: This type of header is more functional. By using draw cord, it allows your panels to open and close across a window, even if you choose heavy fabric.
  • Pinch pleat: They are different from rod pocket as they are made up of three folds of gathered and pinched fabric. It is suitable for the houses which are formal and elegant.