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Traditional-curtains-and-valencesWindow valences are the ultimate way to add flair to the windows. Not only do they add a new dimension to the beauty of the room, but also help in hiding flaws in the curtains and rods. Traditional curtain valences are the best in this respect since they add an effect of layers to the window curtains and thus uplift the decor of your room.

Traditional curtains and valences look best in homes with a vintage touch in the furniture, wall colors and carpets. Traditional curtains usually have sober colors such as white, cream and grey. They have floral motifs and are more opulent than the contemporary ones. A vast number of accessories are used in these types of curtains such as braids, tie backs and trims.

The Traditional Curtains may have any of the following styles such as:

  • Triple Pleat
  • French Pleat
  • Pencil Pleat
  • Global Pleat
  • Austrian Blinds
  • Balloon Blinds
  • Festoon Blinds

In case of French pleats, triple pleats and pinch pleats, all the pleats are pinched together at the bottom while in the pencil pleats the pleats are upright and parallel.

 If you are fond of the Traditional Curtains and valences, you may search for them in Zynna. Zynna produces a wide range of these curtains along with traditional valences combining quality fabrics with gorgeous styles.


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