Valances & Drapes

Installing new window treatments, Valances and drapes immediately adds style and personality to the home. Zynna has wide selection of valances and drapes to add finishing touch to room.

Window treatments

A valance is a slice of fabric that hangs across the top of a window and enhance softness and colour. It can be used with a pair of curtains, drapes, blinds and shades to add style and colour. Window treatments are essential for a room. Zynna offers different types of window treatment you can hang up on your window. Window treatment is an essential part of the interior design which add style and elegance to your home. They add privacy and maintains temperature in your room.

Like curtains, drapes can be hanged on a traverse rod with a string so that you can easily open and close them. Drapes with different length, colours and patterns are available in Zynna which adds more grand look and found in formal-type rooms.

Ideas for valances and drapes

Valances are the decorative top treatments used with curtains and drapes. They add decoration and used to cover the mounting hardware. Zynna offers valances with dramatic effects which can be pleated, flat, shapes and mounted on rods. While choosing valance and drapes, take the following things into consideration. They are,

  • Design of the room
  • Size
  • Shape of the window
  • Types of textiles

Kitchen valance in Zynna helps to change the look of your kitchen. They are more decorative, but they are not intended to block the natural light. The window valances in kid’s room can be a wonderful entertaining place for the baby. There are several options in window valances for a living room. They are,

  • Scarf valance: Add texture and style to your living room
  • Balloon valance: Add elegance when there is a need for unique shaped curtains. It works well in bay windows.
  • Swag valances: Gives classic look. They are made of thicker material.

Window decorated with a valance and drapes completes the overall appearance of the room.      When selecting a drape, it is necessary to think about its function. They are,

  • Privacy and Lighting
  • Measurements
  • Material
  • Style

Top treatment needs special mounting hardware and it is necessary to consider the hardware cost and its quality when designing a window treatment purchase. Zynna offers a wide range of hardware and it is very particular in ensuring the quality of hardware.