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At  Zynna we are passionate about creating elegant window treatments. A window is one of the biggest visual areas in a room and can create a stunning design statement. All one needs is a little imagination and the right material. And no place can meet all these requirements other than Zynna!

With years of experience in elegant Window Treatments, our curtains, sheers, blinds and drapes are undoubtedly the best and the finest in India. In compliance with our mission of bringing together the best in the world, we also offer our clients an exceptional array of international brands.

Our focus has been in developing designs that are exclusive and cutting-edge, showing the evolving landscape of ideas and fashion. We are a design-based firm that understands the value of creating a unique, luxurious feel. Only the best of products, high-end brands and high quality fabrics are selected. We are extremely careful in sourcing our material and exercise a strict quality check.

As a result we have created many exclusive window treatments. These are not just examples of our commitment to high quality, but also show our tireless work in creating glamorous and stunning styles.

We also realize that design is intensely personal and each of us has our own unique taste. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a wide variety of choices in curtains designs. Our stock covers the entire design paradigm – from clean contemporary look to an elaborate vintage style. We also offer customized solutions, tailored to suit your exact tastes.

Select from our range of styles, materials and then match them up with our coordinates, hanging and Stitching Solutions.

Contemporary & Straight Line

The contemporary style is characterised by clean, no-fuss lines. It is all about creating a tailored, structured look that is the antithesis of the more flouncy and elaborate vintage style. This line is extremely flexible, easily adaptable to almost any space. Whether big or small, formal or casual – this modern look can be tailored to suit any requirement.

Although a minimalist look, it is far from boring. The contemporary style lays emphasis on cutting-edge design and high quality material. When it comes to contemporary window treatments, you can play with a number of elements to create an unforgettable effect.

There are many factors which play essential role in creating a contemporary look.


It is important that the stitching is neat and tailored with clean, straight lines. This style may lack the drama of a vintage curtain, but it must never be untidy or messy. The common pleats used here are simple eyelets, tab tops, pencil pleats, French pleats, rod pockets and more


We have worked hard in amassing contemporary prints that pouch the envelope. Choose from geometric prints, floral designs, embossed patterns and more.


Do not forget the add ons that complete the look! We work with cornices boxes, tailored valences and innovative tie-backs.

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Neo Classical

Taking its inspiration from the Greek and Roman empires of the eighteenth century, the neo-classical look is lavish and elegant. The clean, graceful lines of this style falls somewhere between straight lines of the contemporary style and drama of the vintage style. It can be adapted to different spaces and offers more flexibility in fabric than the more vintage style.

The neo-classical style is ideal for
– Hotels
– Reception lobbies
– Marriage halls
– Homes with Greek-Roman style decor

Elements in a Neo-classical curtain


These curtain designs echo the beautiful fall and flounce with valences. These should be carefully tailored, such as in scalloped and Victorian valences.

Swags and Festoons

Like the classic design, the neo-classical look also relies heavily on swags and festoons. These hanging fabrics can be fringed or tasseled for an elaborate look. Festoons with trailing ribbons and fabrics are a classic Greco-Roman style. These fringed, braided festoons work perfectly as tiebacks.


We house wide choices in neo-classical fabrics. These are typically luxurious fabrics with a distinct sensual touch. You can choose from damasks, brocades, velvet and silk. You can also opt from our range of blended fabrics.

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The Classic Style

For those with a more traditional bend, the evergreen classical style works perfectly. Suitable for large spaces, big windows, old and refurbished homes, the period style can be worked to create drama and impact.

The classic style is ideal for those who like a luxurious, glamorous and opulent look. The vintage style is heavy on accessories and elaborate stitching patterns. This makes it perfect as window treatments for large windows.

The classic style has certain essential elements

The fall

The classic style is extremely particular about the stitching style. The pleats must be tailored, neat and if possible, elaborate. Our curtains can be stitched with French pleats, box pleats, pinch pleats or pencil pleats to ensure that the fall remains impeccable.


Vintage Window Curtains are almost always long. These can just stop short touching the floor or create a flounce at the bottom.


Period curtains should ideally be made of heavy material. We offer a wide choice in vintage materials like silk, velvet, chenille and other blended material. Some prints are also characteristic of this style.


The elaborate vintage style thrives on touches like flounces, fringes and tassels. These can also cleverly hide certain Stitching flaws like covering linings or ensuring a better fall.


We provide cornice boxes, valences, swags and jabots. Other accessories that can be essential for this look are tiebacks. Again, these can be fringed, tasselled and more.

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Country Chic

If you are planning a look that is casual and stylish at the same time, the country chic look is just right for you. It is smart, casual and hip. If you are not one for formal and stiff house decorating ideas, you may want to give this style a chance.

This style is very adaptable, easily fitting into less formal areas like the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Charming, unstructured and highly individualistic, the country choice look lets you incorporate the old with new, the latest trend with heirloom.

This style may look haphazard and unstructured; in actuality it must be planned and executed with precision. At Zynna, we can create this charming look, while taking into account our clients’ very specific tastes and preferences. Our wide range of Window Treatment styles makes it quite easy to pick up the right elements for this style.


The country chic style works with some classic prints, like checks, stripes and florals. Inspired by the rustic living and the green countryside, our prints can be carefully customized according to choice.


This is not a style that asks for luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet. However, we offer a premier range of linen curtains. For a more chic look, we also house lace and sheer curtains.


Use them on valences, curtain edges or on swags. We offer stitching solutions for an exclusive customized look. Our carefully sourced stock offers swags that are fashionably shabby.

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Blinds & Shades

One of the biggest trends in window treatment styles today is blinds. Window blinds are chic, space saving and easy to use. Zynna offers a range of blinds to suit any interior and decor style.

Although window blinds have been around for decades now, it is only recently that they have been elevated to a fashionable high. The reasons are the innovative styles and fabrics that are used today in making blinds. Decorators are increasingly opting for window blinds to create designer window treatments.

Window blinds are pretty flexible. They can be used to create classic look, country charm or contemporary window treatments. These can be hung on their own or combined with heavier drapes for layered effect. Blinds are also ideal for small spaces like bathrooms or offices. Blinds are most commonly used in:

  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Verandas
  • Balconies
  • Restaurants
  • Living areas like drawing room or bedroom

At  Zynna we stock a wide variety in blinds. The broader styles are:

  • Roman
  • Roller blinds
  • Outdoor blinds
  • Wooden blinds

For Roman, roller or outdoor blinds can choose from our wide array of fabrics. Clients can choose from linen, sheer, silk and other fabrics. We offer monochromatic shades, edgy prints, classic designs and more. We also offer wooden blinds. These are ideal for a more outdoorsy or cottage look. With the current trend on natural hues, our wooden blinds offer a fashionable look.

Explore our window Blinds for more attractive options. Think out of the box and you will get a truly exclusive look.


Shade’s crisp, clean style have made it popular . Rich in character, natural woven woods combine clean lines and textures with designer finishes. Tailored and sleek, Roman shades give you the look of workroom shades at a much lower cost. Roller shades are simple, effective and economical. They reduces temperatures behind the window while still allowing in enough light to see outside. These exquisite soft window shadings combine the soft look of shades with the functionality of blinds.

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Fringes & Tassels

What makes some curtains stand out from the rest? What gives your room decor an instant glamour fix? Like any aesthetic style, it is the accessories that make all the differences. Fringes and tassels can make all the difference to a curtain design.

At Zynna clients can choose from a wide variety of styles. From intricate cording, various fringes and add-ons like beads and pom-poms, clients are guaranteed to find something to suit their curtain design or other upholstery. In addition, they also have access to our team of experts who can advise them on the best options.

Fringes and tassels can be used for

  • Curtains
  • Valences
  • Swags
  • Tiebacks
  • Lamp shades
  • Cushions
  • Runners
  • Table/Bed covers
  • Sofa covers

We are constantly working towards creating styles with a plush, glamorous look. Adding fringes, tassels and other borders is part of our drive to bring in elegant window treatments and other decor solutions. At Zynna clients can also access professional tailoring services to incorporate these touches in various soft furnishing pieces.

Why go for Zynna fringes and tassels?

  • A wide variety of styles and colours to choose from
  • Suitable for a variety of upholstery
  • For a professional finish
  • To create a glamorous look
  • For ensuring a vintage or neo-classical style
  • Option for customised services
  • Availability of trained tailoring services for incorporating these fringes and tassels wherever required.

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Design Solutions

As any decorator will tell you, curtains make a room—but only when chosen correctly. Do you have one really long window, or a group of windows side by side, such as sliding or French doors? Wide windows can keep a room bright and showcase a gorgeous view, but they can also make you feel overwhelmed when you think about dressing them. When it comes to window treatments, it’s a matter of colour and fabric, length and lining, and custom-made versus off-the-shelf.

We offer design assistance with:

Stitching Solutions

Stitching Solutions

Fringes & Tassels

Drapery Hardware & Automation

Drapery Hardware & Automation

Hardware is an essential part of elegant window treatments. Today drapery hardware has gone beyond the usual curtains rods. With so many choices in the market, Zynna offers its clients unbelievable choices and options.

Hanging draperies is not as easy as it may seem. Depending on the style and requirement, the type of hardware will also differ. In addition, special tracks are needed in case of blinds. In fact, given the many styles and designer window treatments in vogue today, it has become necessary that one has access to the right quality hardware.

At Zynna we are particular in ensuring the quality of our supply. Our clients are ensured that their hardware will stand the test of time. We are also determined to ensure that our clients have access to the widest possible range in premier, luxurious products. To ensure this we have gone into partnership with established international brands.

This is also necessary to ensure that our prime fabrics are supported by top-notch hardware support. Zynna is one-stop solution for all windows curtains requirements.

We offer a wide range in hardware that includes:

  • Rods
  • Roman track
  • I track channel
  • M track channel
  • Automation systems

These products have been sourced to include the latest trends, including powder coated rods, colored tracks and channels.

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